Mery-Kate и Asley са супер

Mery-Kate и Asley са супер

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Дискография / Greatest hits ІІ

Greatest hits ІІ
24.09.06 19:09
1.Saturday night
Track 1

I'm waiting for the night when we go crazy
Don't sit around, no time to be lazy
Pump up the jam, as hot as we can
I need my friends around me 'cause I'm gonna take a stand
On Saturday Saturday Night
Yeah we'll show them what's it all about
On Saturday Night... Saturday Night

Everybody's playing the waiting game
And we just can't wait, til Saturday Night
Be with our friends and everything's all right
We'll kick off our shoes, and really cut loose
Yeah, we just can't wait
Til Saturday Night... Saturday Night
Well, we'll get made up, dressed up
Everyone will know we mean business
What's up, they'll say "tell me what is thisω"
No body in a way, that's the way we like it
Better move overboard 'cause on
Saturday, Saturday Night
Yeah we'll show you what it's all about
On Saturday Night... Saturday Night

(Can't wait til Saturday, Saturday)
Saturday Night
Saturday Night
(Can't wait til Saturday, Saturday)
Saturday Night

2.Monday Morning
Track 2

Hey Jack, Hey Jill
Oh it feels like we're going uphill
along this Monday Morning
So much to get through
You're catchin' up with me,
I'm catchin' up with you
For the first best morning
What'd you do on Friday nightω
Who'd you talked to on the phone last nightω
Monday Morning...
I feel so good
I met the cutest guy in my neighborhood
Isn't that excitingω
I dreamt all night, I got a secret note
but that's alright cause I knew his writing
Hey I like your brand new shoes
Do you have a pen you could let me useω
Monday Morning...
Another week behind the desk for me
But I'm in the very best of company
The only good thing when the weekend ends
I get to be with all my friends
Monday Morning...
(Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Morning)

Everything is going here again
Oh I don't know what I'll do without my friends
Same time same old place
Still I got another smile on my face
Oh it's time to run a note, well hang on tight
'Cause here we go...
Monday Morning...

4.Sore Feet
Track 4

There's a blister on my sister from too many Grande Jete
And there's nothing I can do to make it go away
With bandages applied, she looks so undignified
It's a sad athlete who's got sore feet

Welcome to the club
Don't think this is easy street
We know how it feels
But when the lights go down, the curtain comes up
(The music swells and you feel the beat)
And the setting is complete.
It's bittersweet, when we've got sore feet
It's a crying change seize, it's how personality
Can change dramatically.
When they've got sore feet
It's the dance with pain, but they do it all they get
It's a love hate thing, when you're got (we've got)
Sore Feet

Look at these worn and tired shoes
They've been good to you
They have a selfcount let us pay our dues
They knew just what to do
They had to fit just right
Not too loose and not too tight
They gave it all
It came through for you
Strap your ankles 'til your toes turn blue

Track 5

I don't know about you but I'm not through
'Cause when we're wrinkled and gray
I hope there's still a kind in you,
Who wants to come out and play.
What is this gadget in handω What is forω
It's not my imagination, I can see a dinosaur
Ooh, look at the pretty teddy bear
Gotta hug that bear
We're in a place that brings together
Toy's you'll treasure forever
Everything is here and waiting
No time for hesitating

When I grow up (Grow up)
I wanna be a kid (Be a kid)
Look at all the really cool things kids can get into
Ooh (ooh)
When I grow up (Grow up, grow up)
I wanna be a kid (Be a kid)
I wanna have some fun and stay forever young
This fits so easy in my hand
It's a perfect size
I wanna see that shiny tractor
It depends on what you're after
I gotta go see the kitchen store
It's state of the art
Everything is there for baking, broiling, broiling, oiling, shaking
This paradise of toys just might be better than boys

Everything is here for waiting, it's time for celebrating

Track 6

Everybody come down to the mall, yeah!
It's a party, come on! (Everybody)
Instant Party, when you're at the mall yeah!
Everybody come on (Instant Party)
Just add (you) into the mix
And we're all set to go!
Friends and fashion, food and fun
You know we told you so (Instant Party)

There's some fun for everyone
Tons of stuff to see!
Scores of stores to choose from
Anything you please (Instant Party)
Here you'll meet all kinds of folks
From near and far away!
Rides to ride, new things to try
And lots of games to play (Instant Party)
Hey everybody, come out and dance
Put you hands together for the band
Yeah... That's right... Sing along

We can do almost anything
Like run around the place!
Sit and watch the people go by
Making funny faces (Instant Party)

Everybody come on (Instant Party) Everybody come on!

7.Going through our mom's stuff
Track 7

Goin' through our mom's stuff, havin' lots of fun
Goin' through our mom's stuff, it's a trip to sift through
Tryin' on some costumes, thinkin' 'bout the times
Tryin' on some costumes, what a really good time
What's hereω Look and see!
It's got to be the 60's.
In the 60's, there were hippies in the park
Peach and love and happiness
And psychedelic art
In the 60's, they wore tie-dyed shirts and beads
And let us not forget go-go girls dancing to the beat

What's nextω Look and see!
It's got to be the 70's
Disco's the look for me (Disco!)
Disco, from the seventies (Seventies!)
Disco, was a trend back then (Disco!)
Disco, well it's back again
(Boogie, woogie, yeah!)

What's next, look and see!
It's got to be the 80's
Yo Ashley, you're so cute, dressed like 1982
Hey girls, give me a hand, we could start an 80's band!
Come join me! Come join me!
Goin' through our mom's stuff was a total blast
Sifting through the costumes of our mother's past
Goin' through our mom's stuff was a ton of fun
But now we've got to clean it up, before she comes home
That was fun!

8.Moon Bounce Madness

Track 8

Free falling out in space
Flying high this is the place
Gravity can't hold you down
When your feet are off the ground
We're jumping and there's lots of room
Moon bounce madness in the afternoon
We jump down touch the sky
crash against the wall so high
sit down you bounce right back
you walk out do a jumping jack
We're jammin' and there's lots of room
Moon bounce madness in the afternoon

Do rings around Venus
Do a twist on Mars
Blast into orbit
Moon bounce to the stars
Nothing can hold you down
Keep on turning round and round
You can hip-hop you can bop
You can spin just like a top
Free falling where there's lots of room
Moon bounce madness in the afternoon

Free-falling bouncing back
We're so cool we got the nap
Flying high and diving low
We're high-fiving as we go
It's over and much too soon.
Moon bounce madness in the afternoon.
Moon bounce madness in the afternoon.
Moon bounce madness in the afternoon.

9.Pinata Party
Track 9

Just like the kids in Mexico.
We'll have a real fun party ya know.
We'll wear the colors of the rainbow.
And listen to the trumpets blow.

I wanna go to a Pinata Party.
Party Hearty.
Sing and dance at a Pinata Party.
Till they tell us to go home.
We can sit here if you prefer.
But I'm a bit of an adventurer.
So help me move aside the furniture.
Hey everybody, grab a partner.
We can do the tango, or a few pirouettes.
Or we can do the Fan Dango,
as long as we've got castanets.

And then it's time for the Pinata.
Swinging high like it oughta.
We'll have the whole enchilada
when the stick hits Pinata.
It's to be a sunny day,
when it breaks in two.
A honey of a sunny day,
raining goodies down on you.

La la la, la la la, la la la,
till they tell us to go home.
La la la, la la la, la la la,
Till they tell us to go home.
Go home!

10.Lazy Rainy Afternoon
Track 10

Can we talk I got something to say.
I really hate it when it rains all day.
Now we're sitting here with nothing to do,
On a lazy, rainy, afternoon.
Mom suggested we could clean up our room.
I thought she was joking until she gave us a broom.
Now were sitting here with nothing to do, on a lazy, rainy, afternoon.
Let's start a circus right here in our room.
A sort of travelling fair.
I'll be the juggler, you be the clown.
You look so good with green hair.
Let's stage a play right here in our room.
That to be or not to be stuff.
Even Shakespeare had to start out somewhere.
The road to stardom is tough.
We're just so bored we don't know what to do.
We need adventure to help get us through.
Now were sitting here with nothing to do, on a lazy, rainy, afternoon.
Let's wear our clothes all inside out
And see if anyone cares.
Let's draw big dots on our faces and hands
And see if anyone stares.
Let's go exploring for treasure and gold.
There's some downstairs, I have a hunch.
Let's make a raid to the kitchen and back.
I'm getting hungry for lunch.

On a lazy, rainy, afternoon.
On a lazy, rainy, afternoon.

11.If We Ran The Navy
Track 11
If we were the captain you will know what we'd do.
We'd make a few changes we'd bend a few rules.
If they put us in charge, what a difference we'd make.
We'd soon have this crew in tip-top-ship-shape.

If we ran the Navy you'll know what we'd do.
We'd make a few changes and bend a few rules.
That's the least we could do.
The food in the Navy you might say it's all right.
We'd make Tuesdays our own pizza night.
And when we're at sea, why drive this so slowω
Get out the skis see how fast we can go.

And what's with those pantsω Bellbottoms indeed!
They went out with disco and treed.
We need to look stylish when we visit strange ports.
Nothing too flashy in green neon shorts.

A few simple changes is all we'd make.
Did we mention each meal would be full of fun cakeω
The paint on the ship it's the least we can do,
Let's change from gray to red, white, and blue.
If we ran the Navy you'll know what we we'd do.
We'd make a few changes and bend a few rules.
That's the least we could do ho ho ho ho hooooo.
That's the least we could do.

12.Gimme pizza

Track 12

Gimme pizza, P-I-Z-Z-a. Gimme pizza, P-I-Z-Z-A.
Now we're feeling kinda hungry.
We got the mega munchies.
Got to make our pizza as big as some countries.
How much pizza do you think we can chowω
More than our parents would ever allow.
We're gonna make a master-piece a pizza.
A work of art like the Mona Lisa.
It's gonna be high like the Tower of Pisa.
But to get there...You don't need a visa.
Pizza, P-I-Z-Z-A. Gimme pizza.
Uh, did I happen to say, I want pizza.
P-I-Z-Z-A. I want pizza.
Hey, are you ready to playω
Now set down the pizza and bring me some chicken.
Throw it on top and make it finger lickin'
Guacomole. Meatballs, whip cream pouring like waterfalls.
Here's some salsa to make it hot.
Here's a lot of ice cream to hit the spot.
Toss the fish, let it fly, fly, fly, pizza pie.
Pizza, P-I-Z-Z-A. Gimme pizza.
Watch it rise like a soufflé.
Gimme pizza. P-I-Z-Z-A.
I want pizza. You think we should stopω
Get your motors ready cause here we go.
Chocolate sauce, spreading it slow.
Oreos, marshmallows, caramel, coconut cream, egg foo young, chicken tongue.
Hold the eyeballs. I'm gonna scream.
Now don't forget the rice or mashed potatoes.
And what about these fried green tomatoesω
Batter's up, catcher's ready.
Pasta...Put it in the pizza.
Fist sticks...Put it in the pizza.
Ketchup...Put it in the pizza.
Meatloaf...Put it in the pizza.
Pizza, P-I-Z-Z-A. Gimme pizza.
Add some tacos, Ole!
I want pizza. P-I-Z-Z-A.
I want pizza. Call us the queens of gourmet.
I want pizza. P-I-Z-Z-A. Gimme pizza.
How much does it weighω I want pizza.
P-I-Z-Z-A. I want pizza.
Is it finally doneω
Here it is, ready to serve.
This pizza is made...Yeah!

13.Our Dog Has Eaten Our Homework
Track 13
Let me take you to the scene of the crime.
Show you where it all began.
I'd just finished a twenty page project all about Japan.
I left it on the table when I went to bed.
In the morning I could not believe my eyes.
It was all over the floor.
You might just say, it was bite-sized.

Don't you know that my dog,
He ate my homework, that ole rascal Clue.
I've been working on this for a month or more,
And I finally got it right.
Why didn't somebody feed that dog last nightω
The teacher said "Class, bring up your work.
You know today it's due."
I said "Teacher, oh dear teacher, can I talk to youω
She said "I do not want to hear your excuses,
Like so many times before.
If you don't have it finished,
You can go and see the principal's door."

14.Wild Wet Wacky Wonderful World
Track 14
Water water everywhere. I don't want to drink.
Oh what a day for water play.
You'll have to swim or sink.
You look so cute in your bathing suit.
The waves are calling you.
So let's begin, I'll race you in.
It's the only thing to do.

It's a wild wet wacky wonderful world.
It's a wet one, why not give it a whirl!.
When the waves are calling, don't be silly darling.
Come on in, the water really is fine.
And have a wild wet wacky wonderful time.
Water water everywhere. The waves they call my name.
It's great to be in Waikiki.
I'm really glad we came.
I'll get a tan on a catamaran.
I really like this boating.
Hey look at me.
I can't believe I spent the whole day floating.

Water water everywhere. I just want to explore.
I'll scuba dive there's things all over the ocean floor.
Then you and me can go jet ski.
I'll race you to the bend.
With water sports the times too short.
I don't want the day to end.

Wild wet wacky wonderful world.
Wild wet wacky wonderful world.

15.You're invited!

Track 15

We're calling everyone,
We're putting out the welcome mat.
I've got the tunes, I've got the food,
We've got the party hats.
We've got everything you could every need.
A real good time is guaranteed.
So jump up and put on your dancin' shoes.
With hosts like us there's no way you can lose.
It may get crazy when things start to roll.
But never fear the twins are in control.
You're invited, come on, we've got a lot to do.
You're invited, we're excited and delighted to see you.
You're invited, bring your friends along,
Laugh and sing a song.
The party's about to start.
You're invited, you're invited, you're invited,
You're invited, you're invited.
If it's up to me, you'll RSVP.
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