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Mery-Kate и Asley са супер

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Дискография / Ballet Pary

Ballet Pary
26.09.06 15:59
Dancing Your Dreams
Ballet Pary

Track 1

A prima ballerina, that's what I want to be.
When I dance and close my eyes,
This is what I see,

White feathers, princess crowns,
Satin shoes, and gorgeous gowns,
I'll be Cinderella and you can be a queen
Spin on a snowflake or reach across moon beams
Bright as the starlight, or that's just how it seems
In the spotlight it's pure magic, dancing your dreams
To be a ballerina, takes more than I can say
Let's go ask someone who knows all about ballet

New York is the greatest place.
There's so much to see.
Broadway has the brightest lights.
There's Miss Liberty.
King Kong climbed the Empire State
Still the place for me
This is Lincoln Center, it's where I want to be.

Remember as you practiced,
When all is said and done.
Even if you're not so great,
It's still a lot of fun.

In the spotlight it's pure magic, dancing your dreams

Practice, Practice, Practice
Ballet Pary

Track 2

How does a prima graduate from ballerina
I'll give you a little clue
To be in a world-class ballet company
There's one thing that you must love to do

Practice, practice, practice
If at first you don't succeed
Don't give up just keep on trying
Til you get up to speed
First position, second position, third and fourth and fifth
Plies makes you sleet and strong
But first you're gonna be stiff
Time to do our releves
Then our Pas be bourrees
We're dizzy doing pirouette
We love our Grande Jete
Practice, practice, practice
At the ballet bar
This is what you love to do to be a ballet star
Do your best and you'll get better
Just don't call it quits
All at once, you'll find that you're so flexible
You can even do the splits

First position, second position, on and on it goes
And one day you'll do arabesque
Standing on your toes
For each and every one percent of style and inspiration
A New York City ballerina gives it
Ninety-nine percent perspiration
Practice, practice, practice
Will surely make you number one
But you don't have to be a prima just to have some fun

Sore Feet
Ballet Pary

Track 3

There's a blister on my sister from too many Grande Jete
And there's nothing I can do to make it go away
With bandages applied, she looks so undignified
It's a sad athlete who's got sore feet

Welcome to the club
Don't think this is easy street
We know how it feels
But when the lights go down, the curtain comes up
(3rd chorus add: The music swells and you feel the beat)
And the setting is complete.
It's bittersweet, when we've got sore feet
It's a crying change seize, it's how personality
Can change dramatically.
When they've got sore feet
It's the dance with pain, but they do it all they get
It's a love hate thing, when you're got (we've got)
Sore Feet

Look at these worn and tired shoes
They've been good to you
They have a selfcount let us pay our dues
They knew just what to do
They had to fit just right
Not too loose and not too tight
They gave it all
It came through for you
Strap your ankles 'til your toes turn blue

Butterflies In Your Stomach
Ballet Pary

Track 4

When you got butterflies in your stomach
And it saids it in your mouth
Your body's signifying
It wants a way out
Cause you're scared that you might mess up
Afraid that you might goof
So when you're feeling really nervous,
Here is what you got to do

Just breath a little deeper
Sip a little water
Know that you'll be great
Everybody's gonna love it
Especially if you smile
When you step out on that stage
Ohh yeah! Ohh yeah! Ohh yeah! Ohh yeah!
Wow! I can't help it. I still have butterflies in my stomach
You know, it could be worse
Yeah, you could have a caterpillar up your nose
Ok, ok, ok
What did a dancer do when she hurt her footω
She called a toe-truck
Now there's something that you must know
Since you've done this all before
Every fear is gonna leave you
When you step on that dance floor
Cause you're doing what you love most
And practiced for four years
And if you're dancing from your heart,
Then you will leave them all in tears, so

Meet You At The Mall
Ballet Pary

Track 5

On a day like today I want to show you a place
That's always under sunny skies
All the things that we'll see, I can guarantee
Time will seem to fly
We can hardly wait, senses will be reelin'
When we go up and down
Up, down and around

Meet you at the mall
There's no time to waste
I'm so glad you called
Meet you at the mall
An unconditional wonderful spectacle
Meet you at the mall
There's a merry-go-round, teddy bears and games
And clothes that are to die for
And schools of fishes pass you by
As they play on the second floor
Is it really realω What a happy feelin'
When we go up and down
Up, down and around

It's a fantasy, it's make believe
It's come let's see just what can happen
It's mystery, it's feed me feed me
Ooh, it's up and won
Up, down and around

Ballet Pary

Track 6

I don't know about you but I'm not through
'Cause when we're wrinkled and gray
I hope there's still a kind in you,
Who wants to come out and play.
What is this gadget in handω What is forω
It's not my imagination, I can see a dinosaur
Ooh, look at the pretty teddy bear
Gotta hug that bear
We're in a place that brings together
Toy's you'll treasure forever
Everything is here and waiting
No time for hesitating

When I grow up (Grow up)
I wanna be a kid (Be a kid)
Look at all the really cool things kids can get into
Ooh (ooh)
When I grow up (Grow up, grow up)
I wanna be a kid (Be a kid)
I wanna have some fun and stay forever young
This fits so easy in my hand
It's a perfect size
I wanna see that shiny tractor
It depends on what you're after
I gotta go see the kitchen store
It's state of the art
Everything is there for baking, broiling, broiling, oiling, shaking
This paradise of toys just might be better than boys

Everything is here for waiting, it's time for celebrating

Food Court
Ballet Pary

Track 7

Dear fair maidens of the Mall of America
It is time to enter the fabulous food court
Here you will find the finest fast dining of the world
Chinese and Japanese, Middle Eastern too
Mexican and Indian, Italian just for you
And for those who are not as adventurous
American will do
But look at all the candy!
They got taffy stores where we can pull the taffy for ourselves
They got fudge shops where we create our favorite kind of fudge
They got the biggest store the world has seen for every flavor jelly bean
Don't forget, you can't forget the wide array of ice cream!
Listen my friends, no offense to my sister
If you eat all that candy, you'll never be sicker
The thing to do you must realize
Is eat a good meal, that's what I advise.
I object!
Can't we compromiseω
Here we can eat any meal we choose from all over the world
Stir fry, or sushi, falafel just for you
Enchiladas, curry chicken, fries and burgers too
And for those who are still hungry afterwards
Candy for dessert
All right Judge of the food court, I accept your ruling
But how will we decide what kind of food to eatω
There are so many choices, let's see what sounds good
A pizza pie sounds way too dull for what we have in mind
And though a burger's fun with lots of fries
We can get them anytime
So let us eat exotically, try some food with curry
You get the shwarma, and sushi
And I'll get the chicken tandoori
I bought some fries for good measure.
Got enough room for dessertω

Decisions, Decisions
Ballet Pary

Track 8

I love it (Do you need itω)
Gotta have it (How muchω)
Four weeks allowance (Do ya still love itω)
I don't know. Decisions, Decisions.
When you're stylin' on allowance, it's gonna be tough
'Cause in a mall this big, ya know there's so much stuff
Two of these (Four of those)
For your fingers (For your toes)
Fuzzy sweaters (Soft and pale)
Stuff on sale!
Decisions, Decisions (Decisions ooh)
We were window shoppin' now there's no time to lost
which one's the right one, let's model them and choose
In a fashion show strut your stuff on the runway
then strike a pose
Clothes so cool, wear' em in a fun way, give 'em attitude
Ski clothes, swim clothes, retro grunge
School and gym clothes, time for lunchω
Coats and hats, a party dress
Which one do you like the bestω
Which one do you like the bestω
I love this vest!
Someone make a fashion arrest!
When you're checked out the options,
And you've still got the urge
Remember now and then a girl's gotta splurge

Instant Party
Ballet Pary

Track 9

Everybody come down to the mall, yeah!
It's a party, come on! (Everybody)
Instant Party, when you're at the mall yeah!
Everybody come on (Instant Party)
Just add (you) into the mix
And we're all set to go!
Friends and fashion, food and fun
You know we told you so (Instant Party)

There's some fun for everyone
Tons of stuff to see!
Scores of stores to choose from
Anything you please (Instant Party)
Here you'll meet all kinds of folks
From near and far away!
Rides to ride, new things to try
And lots of games to play (Instant Party)
Hey everybody, come out and dance
Put you hands together for the band
Yeah... That's right... Sing along

We can do almost anything
Like run around the place!
Sit and watch the people go by
Making funny faces (Instant Party)

Everybody come on (Instant Party) Everybody come on!

Ice Cream Crazy
Ballet Pary

Track 10

Rootbeer floats, banana boats
Gelate and Sorbet are hard to resist
What if they didn't existω
For me it wouldn't be easy 'cause you see...

I'm ice cream crazy,
No ifs, ands, buts or maybes
Ice cream crazy,
'Cause I'm an ice cream ice cream baby
We have colors of the rainbow
From all around the world
And anything you'd like to try
You can have it plain or swirled
With a pinch and a dash of this and that
On a cone it does a balancing act
And oh, ya know it's bound to droop
Yumma Dum Dum it's a triple scoop

Sometimes I just can't decide
What flavor I should choose
So I close my eyes and one, two, three,
I know that I can't lose
With a pinch and dash of this and that,
Till the cherry on top is an acrobat
Oh I get carried away
Yumma Dum Dum, just look at that sundae.
My darlin' someday if you weigh more that you should
It's ok
'Cause I would make your sundae with no fat, low cal, sorbet

Baby! Baby!

Goin' Through Our Mom's Stuff
Ballet Pary

Track 11

Goin' through our mom's stuff, havin' lots of fun
Goin' through our mom's stuff, it's a trip to sift through
Tryin' on some costumes, thinkin' 'bout the times
Tryin' on some costumes, what a really good time
What's hereω Look and see!
It's got to be the 60's.
In the 60's, there were hippies in the park
Peach and love and happiness
And psychedelic art
In the 60's, they wore tie-dyed shirts and beads
And let us not forget go-go girls dancing to the beat

What's nextω Look and see!
It's got to be the 70's
Disco's the look for me (Disco!)
Disco, from the seventies (Seventies!)
Disco, was a trend back then (Disco!)
Disco, well it's back again
(Boogie, woogie, yeah!)

What's next, look and see!
It's got to be the 80's
Yo Ashley, you're so cute, dressed like 1982
Hey girls, give me a hand, we could start an 80's band!
Come join me! Come join me!
Goin' through our mom's stuff was a total blast
Sifting through the costumes of our mother's past
Goin' through our mom's stuff was a ton of fun
But now we've got to clean it up, before she comes home
That was fun!

Honky Tonk Hip Hop
Ballet Pary

Track 12

Break out the rhinestones and the denim
Pull on your fancy boots, your cowboy hat
The wild west is where we're headed
In mini-skirts or a pair of chaps
From Nashville to New York
They're doin' a dance that looks so fine
Round up the girls, don't forget about the boys
We're goin' dancin' in one big line
Do the Honky Tonk Hip Hop
It's so cool you'll never stop
We're doin' the Boot Scoot and the Electric Slide
Country boogie really can rock
So bring a friend, or come on your own
Ya know you'll never feel you're all alone
'Cause all your friends are in the line
Dancin' till it's time to go back home
Do the Honky Tonk Hip Hop
It's so cool you'll never stop
The achy-breaky, the alley cats
Country boogie really can rock
Do the Honky Tonk Hip Hop
It's so cool you'll never stop
The Toots-push and the wild wild west
Country boogie really can rock
Turn up the lights, turn up the music
Who knows but when we're through
We might decide to go crazy
And start dancin' two by tow
Do the Honky Tonk Hip Hop
It's so cool you'll never stop
Slappin' leather the cowboy stop
Country boogie really can rock
Country boogie really can rock
Country boogie really can rock

Come As You Are
Ballet Pary

Track 13

Come as you are
Express yourself anyway you choose
Come as you are
And there's no way that you can lose
Now it occurred tome not too long ago
That the styles we wear, well they come and go
But each and everyone in their own special way
Express in many styles what we feel today
The fifties preppies never really went away
The sixties hippies, well they are still seen today
The seventies meant dancing to a disco beat
The eighties styles were crazy, and big hair the scene
Hey! Hey!
Decades past give inspiration
To the styles we choose for exploration

Now the nineties are upon us with the styles all their own
Retro from the older times, hip hop and the grunge
So it seems that as we inch towards year "two triple zero"
It's up to us to take the stage as individuals
It's the time for our new generation
To express ourselves through celebration

No no no no!

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